Is Home Depot a Big Box Store?

Is Home Depot a big box store

Is Home Depot a Big Box Store?

Often people say things like “Home Depot is a big box store.” We say, “That’s silly.” But if you look at the pros and cons of the two, they are quite different.

Home Depot is a big box store because they sell their products in that way. A large, diverse selection is a good thing. But large also means large overhead costs, and lots of them, because Home Depot sells so many products.

So, why is Home Depot a big box store? Because they sell the most products? It doesn’t seem reasonable, does it? Not to the big box store that also runs Lowe’s, where the catalog section is all their items and the catalog is available online.

Is Home Depot a big box store then? It depends on how you look at it. One company has a lot of inventory, which means a lot of overhead costs. They can afford to be a big box store.

The other company has a lot of inventory but a lot less overhead, because they have little or no sales force. You pay for your service or you don’t get it. So Home Depot is not a big box store. They are a home improvement store.

If you want to buy a set of kitchen knives, and the catalog is only available online, or it’s only a few pages long, you have no choice but to go to the big box store. But, how often do you see that company’s catalog? If you see it more than once, that’s a problem.

Another big box store that sells much smaller products is a Lowe’s. The catalog is small, the catalog is available online, and the catalogs are available for free on their website. Home Depot is a big box store with limited choice.

Home Depot does have one big advantage: home improvement stores sell many of the same products that Home Depot sells. They are also chain stores, and those advantages mean lower overhead. Those advantages also mean higher profit margins. But those advantages don’t mean that Home Depot is not a big box store.

Home Depot may be a big box store, but they don’t sell products like Home Depot sells. Home Depot sells full sets. Home Depot sells other things like gardening tools and patio heaters. Home Depot doesn’t sell simple things like hammers and nails.

The big box store is, where Amazon sells all kinds of things. Amazon sells products from eBay, where eBay sells products from hundreds of other sellers. Amazon has a huge catalog, but even though Amazon is a big box store, it’s not a big box store.

Amazon is the small box store. It’s the online appliance store. If you go online and type in “kitchen remodel”bathroom remodel” you’ll find hundreds of websites that sell almost anything you need for your kitchen, your bathroom, your garden, your backyard.

So, the answer to the question “Is Home Depot a big box store?” is yes, but it’s a small box store, not a big box store.