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All About Tile That Looks Like Wood

Why You Need To Install Tile That Look Like Wood Planks?

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Exotic Interiors: Tile That Looks Like Wood Planks

Among the comprehensive flooring alternatives tile that look like wood planks has been in increasing demand. Smart flooring designers are manufacturing wide-ranges of ceramic and porcelain wood-like tile that are being mostly welcomed by home owners and corporate professionals for their office premises, as compared to wood they are inexpensive and much more lasting then ordinary wooden tiles.

Tile that looks like wood planks comes with score of awesome benefits unlike ordinary wooden planks they exude unmistakable texture and the inimitable consistent look of genuine wood. Simulated on a ceramic exterior for rooms where temperature may swing significantly. Areas like kitchens, bathrooms, or basements are truly get benefitted by this floor. These tiles actually can be an elegant and practical substitute to authentic wood plank, which is extremely easy to maintain, as unlike wood these tiles do not get damaged with water or natural conditions.

General availability of tile that looks like wood planks

tile that look like wood planks

These square parquet tiles consist of 4 to 6 planks each and can promptly be installed in a fashion of traditional checkerboard prototype using glue-down method. One benefit for this tile is that, you can either install it yourself or call on a professional. These tiles are not only fantastic replacement to real wood, but they also are extremely easy to install. They eradicate replication problems for any apartments, condos and other metropolitan interiors where selection of floor wrapping is typically restricted to engineered wood plank, protect or non-wood goods.

Difference from tile that look like wood planks

Hardwood unblocks are generated from authentic woods and they are not at all slippery. Whereas, just after cleaning tile that looks like wood planks it turns out to be quite slippery. However, not with ceramic tiles the get dry sooner after mopping or water spilt. These porcelain floors are available prefinished with silk oil, semi sheen or not shiny lacquer, long-lasting hardwood finishes that are moderately safer that way. These organic tiles can be installed in areas where heat fluctuates and biting cold is rampant. The ceramic tiles have the essence of wood, with grain like hard wood flooring agent. One of the major predicaments with authentic hardwood is that it is yielding. You can scratch hardwood effortlessly even normal wear and tear can cause corriosion. Simple walking in high heels can easily dent it. With tile that looks like wood planks, you do never have to fret about that. It is very hard, resists scuffs, and dents much suitably than wood.

Go waterproof

With ceramic tile, you can wash your floor and mop whenever you feel the necessity. If you do that on a wood floor, spill water or drink, the floor could bulge and be destructed. This however proves to be quite easier to dwell on ceramic instead of wood floor, as you do not have to be that careful.


With wood finish ceramic floor you don’t have to worry about maintenance and frequent replacement. They are available in different color schemes and designs to suit your requirement.






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