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Why You Need To Consider Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood?

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Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood Has Taken the Market by Storm

Those who are artistically inclined would definitely like to have porcelain tile in their house that looks like wood. These tiles appear like hardwood in quality and color. This is the main reason why most customers get attracted to the porcelain, which has a semblance to wood. Their appearance is very eye catching and exquisite. Although porcelain can be seen in bathrooms, kitchen and flooring it is slowly making its presence felt even in bedrooms. This porcelain tile that looks like wood is known for its durability and strength. Although both ceramic and porcelain originates from the same source both the components are known for their unique features as both are strong, magnificent and everlasting.

While selecting flooring material porcelain has to be considered. The best quality of porcelain tile that looks like wood has to be chosen that goes with the requirement as well as the persona. Before the purchase one should take into considerations all the features so that the vendors don’t take you for a ride.

Most important factor to be taken into account when choosing the porcelain tile that looks like wood

The most important factor is the rating of the strength of any tile, this can be determined with the help of an exclusive procedure. Stability of the porcelain tiles is measured by the PEI scale which is considered to be the best known measure. Harder tiles are more expensive than the softer one as they are more hard wearing. Softer tiles find use in areas with less traffic.

Find out which one you will use

You have to take a call as to whether the porcelain tile that looks like wood will stand out exclusively by its dazzling exterior or whether it will have a dull backdrop. They found use in kitchen or in a shower where they are fitted to mount on a wall. Basically glazed tiles are used as gloss to take care of the water that generally splashes. The bathroom floor, which usually gets wet, has the matte texture porcelain tile that looks like wood which are the finest.

Shapes can create magic

While determining the finest porcelain tile that looks like wood, shapes are another very significant factor. Square, rectangular and triangular shapes are easily available in the markets. The rectangular and triangular tiles have various designs whereas the square tile offers an archetypal look. The porcelain tile that looks like wood also comes in different eye catching colors. Such tiles are most suited for those who don’t like having non colored tiles in their bath rooms.

These kind of tiles are very much sought after in the market for their style, color and variety

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Watch the video for Porcelain Tile vs Ceramic

Watch the video and learn how to install porcelain tile that looks like wood

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