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Design Idea – Use Floor Tile That Looks Like Wood

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Revamp Your Floor with Floor Tile That Looks Like Wood

Floor tile that looks like wood provides the organic warmth of authentic traditional hardwood. Porcelain tile that has wood semblance is possibly the best ever developing aesthetic among interior designers and varied homeowners. Technology is becoming highly developed that amongst few notable collections, you will fail to tell the difference that hardwood is endowed with the floor tiles. With the latest substitution in floor tiles, the depletion of many products such as marble, limestone and wood has reduced significantly.

Keeping that in mind, varied ceramic and porcelain tile producers all across the world have augmented their production of floor tile that looks like wood, as it is a much cheaper and fashionable alternative to any other products. Numerous compilations in their repertoire outfitted with striated surfaces to offer the tile a feel that very much resembles genuine hardwood, and it does not even cost as much as real wood does.

Peeping in the past

In earlier days ceramic and porcelain tile were available in symmetric square sizes, although this is transforming, owing to the overture of wood look designs. While characterizing precisely hardwood manufacturers have brought forth different plank sizes that are unfailing with the dimensions of reliable hardwood planks. Generally, the design in ceramic tile that appears to be pseudo-wood planks has been representing longer hardwood planks. However there are numerous designers who still favor the inimitable aesthetics that proportioned square tiles can fetch to the wood-look genus. Surfaces that duplicate organic wood grains and striations can be directed in any route for a huge assortment of pattern permutations.

Making of ceramic with floor tile That Looks Like Wood

While many ceramic and porcelain tiles are sliced prior to they are fired in a kiln, but those rectified tiles are first sliced and then they are fired. This permits for quicker dimensional correspondence between tiles. This however forms narrower grout lines that ads augmented realistic appearance to the tile. Floor tile that looks like wood is rectified to accomplish this artistic design. This narrow grout line is what makes the strong point of ceramic tiles. Exceedingly proficient installers choose to go as narrow as 1/32” without any difficulties. To achieve the authentic semblance with floor tile that looks like wood, narrower grout joints give excessive pragmatism to your floor.

Making the floor more attractive with floor tile that looks like wood

Choosing the appropriate shade for the grout is quite essential; hence, it is always recommended to go for professional advice before opting for final floor revamping tiles. If the grout line color and the tile color do not match then the entire show will be hampered. Hence, it is better to go either online or resort to professional help for a dramatic wooden look.

Many people are resorting to ceramic tiles that have thriving exquisiteness of hardwood plank. But while installing you must not forget about the grout lines and tile colors as if they go mismatched the entire decor will suffer the consequence.

floor tile that looks like wood

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